Rowe Round Barn

Rowe round barn, southwest of Marysville. The red barn as well as the house were pre-cut buildings ordered from Sears Roebuck in 1914. Private property. Contact: Rick Wright, 785-562-3540. On Osage Road east of 6th Road. View Map

Borck barn (1922), located south of Blue Rapids. Part of True/Borck family homestead, called Hedge Lawn Farms. Private property. Drive-by only. On 8th Road south of Greenwood Cemetery. View Map

Drennan-Stump round barn (1911), east of Blue Rapids. Well maintained and still in use today. Private property but visible from Highway 9 east of 11th Road. View Map

Drennan-Stump Round Barn

Anderson limestone barn, southwest of Frankfort. Three stories tall, built about 1901. Private property. Contact: William Jones, 785-292-4539. On Yoeman Road between 18th and 19th Roads. View Map

Osborn barn, also southwest of Frankfort. Andrew Osborn built this two-level limestone barn about 1870 for his race horses. The race track was across the road. Private property, drive-by only. On Yoeman Road a short distance east of 19th Road. View Map