Limestone Buildings

Limestone is abundant in this area and was used by early settlers for houses, barns and occasionally fences. Half a century later in the Depression of the 1930’s limestone was used in many projects under the WPA (Works Progress Administration), a federal program to provide work for the unemployed.

Early limestone buildings can still be seen throughout the county. Examples include:

  • Beattie – FitzGerald House, Hawk House
  • Blue Rapids – several buildings on the square, including the library and the State Bank
  • Frankfort – Historic Grade School, Annunciation Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church and manse, downtown buildings
  • Southwest of Frankfort – Barrett School, Anderson Barn, Osborn Barn
  • Lillis – St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
  • Marysville – Pony Express Barn
  • Oketo – museum, city hall, bank building, jail, Moore House
  • Waterville – Opera House

WPA projects built with limestone include the gym at Lillis, and the Marysville High School stadium, the Marysville Cemetery chapel and main gate, and the 9th Street steps one block north of Center in Marysville.