Ghost Towns

Schroyer. Founded in 1886 by settlers named Shroyer. After a sign painter inserted a “c” by mistake on the sign for the depot, the railroad refused to correct it. Nothing remains of the town now but the depot sign, mounted on poles by the road. The site itself is private property. About 7/10 mile north of Alcove Spring on the East River Road. View Map

Three towns in Marshall County were levelled about 1960 to make way for the reservoir of the Tuttle Creek Dam, located 40 miles to the south. The townsites have rarely been under water since the dam was built.

Irving. Founded 1859. Irving remains well known to tornado experts because in 1879 it was struck by two tornados in a single day. The town streets are still passable after fifty years. Leave a message in the mailbox near the stone marker if you like. Mailbox and stone marker are at Zenith and 12th Roads. View Map

Bigelow. Founded in 1881, this town was noted for nearby stone quarries. Fifty years after the end of the town, former residents and their descendants still hold an annual picnic near the marker. Marker at Zenith and 17th Roads. View Map

Barrett. Founded in 1855, Barrett was the second oldest town in Marshall County, after Marysville. Site of the first sawmill in the area. Marker at 19th Terrace and Wildcat Road. View Map