Hermansberg Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Marshall County has about 80 cemeteries. Listed below are some sites of special interest.

Marysville City. The statue of the Civil War Union soldier in the center of the cemetery was the first such monument erected in Kansas. Off 16th street between Debbie Lane and Park Street, Marysville. View Map

Danish Lutheran (Evergreen). Unique decorative grave markers crafted in iron by early blacksmith Hans Hanson. On 3rd Road between Limestone and Matador Roads. View Map

Hermansberg Immanuel Lutheran, in the part of the county known as “Little Germany”. On 3rd Road north of Eagle Road. View Map

St. Bridget’s, north of Axtell. A simple marker (to the right of the large central figure of Jesus) names the six McGrath children who drowned when the family buggy overturned in a flooded creek in 1897. On 30th Road 3/4 mile north of Deer Trail Road. View Map

Rose Hill, Axtell. Has an original Civil War cannon in the first driveway. North on First Street in Axtell, cross the railroad tracks, continue as the road turns to the left. View Map

Frankfort City. Civil War Soldier’s Monument, dedicated in 1895. Frankfort. View Map

Mt. Calvary Catholic. Memorial bronze crucifixion, erected by a couple who lost three adult children in the flu epidemic of 1918. Frankfort. View Map

Antioch. Laid out in 1867 by a local farmer after the death of an emigrant in a westbound wagon train camping nearby. On 15th Terrace 1 mile south of Yonder Road. View Map

St Joseph’s, Lillis. Served the Irish population in the southeast corner of the county. The first burial was in 1866. On 27th Road between Bobcat and Cyclone Lanes. View Map

Prospect Hill. Overlooks the junction of the Big and Little Blue Rivers. Burial sites of 48 known Civil War veterans. On 8th Road between Tumbleweed and East River Road. View Map

Greenwood. Graves from two cemeteries at Irving were moved here in 1959, when Irving was destroyed to make way for the Tuttle Creek Dam reservoir. On 8th Road at Yonder Road. View Map

St. Weneceslaus Catholic. Founded in 1889 on the location of an earlier family cemetery. Many tombstone inscriptions in Czech. East on Parallel Road from 8th Road about 1/2 mile. View Map

Czech Moravian, just over the line in Riley County, founded by Czech settlers in 1890. Many tombstone inscriptions in Czech. Turn southwest off 8th Road onto Toburen and Swede Creek Road, drive southwest to cemetery. View Map

Swedish Lutheran Gloria Dei. Site of a church (1887-1950). East 1/4 mile from Highway 77 on Bobcat Lane. View Map